Istvan Siklaki


  • I have many decades of experience at university level education in social psychology, organizational psychology and communication.
  • I also have long experience in organizational development serving clients like the Hungarian Opera, E.on and Lidl.
  • I have multi-year experience in public integrity education and I have actively participated in the elaboration of the curriculum for the education of integrity advisors in Hungary and lectured at the International Anticorruption Academy.
  • I designed and trained courses on communication and persuasion for Nokia, The Hungarian Post. EPAM, Westel, Kürt Academy, Big Five Academy, Vodafon and Sanofi.
  • Kommunikációs és befolyásolási tréningek (Nokia, Magyar Posta, EPAM, Westel, Kürt Akadémia, Big Five Akadémia, Vodafon, Sanofi).
  • I have taught within the Coach Development Program at the Budapest Technical College and Kürt Academy (with Mérő László, Baracskay Zoltán, Nahalka István and Velencei Jolán)..