Our Mission

We drive towards the brave new world of organizational integrity…..

We believe that those organizations operate effectively whose members act on shared values and objectives. Integrity management is an instrument to align values, aspirations and commitments of organizational stakeholders and to create acceptance and motivation for compliance with organizational rules and norms. It applies a method that aims to create operating systems that assure sustainable results.

The concept of organizational integrity management

According to OECD, organizational integrity management is the consistent alignment of internal control and compliance systems with the culture and values of the organization. The underpinning idea is that when rules and values are aligned in an organization, compliance is not an activity but the result. In order to reach this state, organizations need management systems that consistently guide staff towards the stated objectives and an organizational culture that creates shared values and emotional engagement for the accomplishment of the objectives.

Our expertise is in the second component. We help organizations explore integrity risks in their operation and the factors limiting the motivation of staff and their engagement along organizational objectives, and we support the development of instruments and organizational processes that strengthen integrity of staff and the operation of the organization.

Our work

  • our starting point is a complex, deep and appreciative exploration of the actual operation of the organization
  • we support organizational stakeholders in a systemic reflection on potential strategies to create an organizational culture and values that effectively support compliance to organizational rules and the accomplishment of organizational objectives
  • we involve organizational stakeholders in inquiry, reflection and decision-making since the involvement of shared values and goals may facilitate engagement and coordination, which are the most effective engines of goal attainment.