Cooperative communication

We develop the participants’ skills of cooperative negotiation and assertive communication so they can reach integrative solutions and positive sum results with their counterparts within and beyond their organization.  Beyond the competence building of individual participants, the program can also help the organization embed or strengthen cooperative communication patterns in organizational interactions.


The concept underpinning this program is the so-called Harvard method. During the training, participants gain understanding of the principles of constructive and cooperative negotiation, they explore the conditions that are necessary for effective communication among partners, how they can create or contribute to such conditions, and learn how to map issues within negotiation situations, how to develop sustainable solutions and stabilize the agreements reached. We apply an experiential teaching method. We create situations where participants experience their own behaviour in diverse negotiation challenges, learn to use new communication and negotiation techniques and reflect on and develop their own personal competences. During the training, participants confront situations of different levels of complexity, and take part in two-party and multistakeholder negotiations. After each challenge, reflecting on the experience, they not only learn how to negotiate better but they will also be able to identify the areas where their own personal competence-building should focus in the future.

When collegaues participate in the training together, the program also offers substantial contribution to improve organizational communication and embed cooperative communication into the organizational interaction patterns.


By the end of the training:

  • participants will have understood the Harvard-method for cooperative communication and what benefits it brings for them
  • by applying the new method, participants will not only have made the first steps in developing their techniques and skills, but they will also be able to reflect on their own negotiation skills and competences and identify their development needs
  • the group will have understood the communication patterns within the organization and discuss potential improvements
  • participants will have gained a deeper understanding of their own behavioural patterns in different situations
  • they will have developed a deeper and more trustful relation to their peers, and, there is a good chance that the organizational culture and climate will also improve as a consequence.


Targeted organizations:Micro, small medium and large organizations in the private and public sector
Time:2 days
Participants:senior management, hr managers, midlevel managers, staff members
Suggested venue:external venue
Language:english or hungarian
Ár:according to specific price offer