Introduction to Integrity Management

The aim of this interactive discussion is to introduce leaders to integrity management, present the approach and its main instruments and give insights into why and how integrity imporves the operation and resilience of the organization.


We discuss the tenets of integrity management, why and how it evolved, and what kind of benefits it can bring to organizations. We show intruments to decision makers that can strengthen values, culture, cooperation and commitment of staff, and their compliance.  We discuss the implications both on the level of organizational management and stakeholder relations. Our aim is not only to show the available instruments but also to discuss their potential application in participants’ organizations and assess the dimensions of such investments, so as decision makers can reflect on implementation. We also discuss successful strategies of other companies that may help leaders decide whether they would invest in imporving their organizations’ culture and in enhancing integrity.

By the end of the discussion participants:

  • will have gained an insight into the possibilities of strengthening the culture and integrity of the organizations and the potential benefits of such strategies
  • will have got aquinted with the process and instruments of ethics and integrity management
  • will have been able to decide whether they need interventionsand whether they need to employ professional support for the implementation in certain areas


Targeted organizations:Micro, small medium and large organizations in the private and public sector
Time:90 perc
Participants:senior management, hr managers
Suggested venue:company premises or external venue
Language:english or hungarian
Ár:according to specific price offer