Leadership and organizational integrity presentation

In the format of an interactive presentation, we discuss what integrity means in organizational leadership and management. We explain the scope and instruments of integrity management and present cases of companies that have achieved excellent results. We also explore the leadership approach underpinning integrity management, and the key leadership roles and instruments. The interactive format of this introductory program offers the opportunity to reflect on the specific features of the participants’ own organization and make a first exploration of the possible areas of leadership and organizational development within their actual context.


In the format of an interactive presentation, we discuss what integrity means in leadership and organizational management. Our aim is to explain the key ideas that underpin the integrity approach and the aims, scope, typical processes and instruments of integrity management. We discuss how the integrity of leaders and organizations assure the safe and sustainable operation and enhance the performance of organizations. Through short case presentations, we also show what kind of structures, processes and instruments successful companies use, and what kind of results are produced by these strategies. Building on the broad understanding of the approach, we explore the leadership dimension: the leadership concepts that underpin integrity building, the leadership culture and instruments, and the necessary leadership competences.

During the presentation, we offer ample room to discuss the specific characteristics and problems of participants’ organizations and to explore which instruments could play key roles in strengthening their operation.

By the end of the presentation participants:

  • will have understood what integrity management means in practice and what the potential benefits are that it brings for the company
  • will have had a first concept about instruments that could be introduced in their own organization
  • will have been able to decide whether or in which processes external professional support would be necessary for strengthening ethics and integrity of their organization and for developing their own leadership competences and instruments.


Targeted organizations:Micro, small medium and large organizations in the private and public sector
Time:90 minutes
Participants:senior management, hr managers
Suggested venue:company premises or external venue
Language:english or hungarian
Ár:We offer this presentation free of charge as a first step to build a working relation