Leadership support

We support leaders in their effort to create an organizational environment where people can operate well and become committed and engaged.


It is a challenge to build an organization that operates effectively, and adheres and retains quality workforce. Clear objectives, effective management systems, structures and rules are essential to coordinate the operation of such an organization. However, the leadership challenge goes beyond these professional and technical ones. Leaders, who strive for top performance, need to create a healthy organizational culture and climate, as well. An environment where people feel safe and engaged and can exploit their personal and collective potential. Improving culture and climate is a long-term process. Leaders need to work like gardeners, create an ecosystem in their organization, while continuously securing the conditions for empowerment, innovation and growth and the exchange of positive influences.

At the same time, leaders often advance to their positions from more technical and managerial fields. They can gain this promotion because they have demonstrated their capacity as doers. In order to become gardeners as well, they need to develop specific leadership competences as part of the job. A leadership training (another product of ours) could be an important first step on this path of leadership development. It gives ideas, refelection and methods, and it also develops leaders’ personal competences. Nevertheless, a short training can only initiate the transformation of the mindset, and no training can offer solutions and an application manual for the specific environment. It is a long way to become an effective leader. However, we can support leaders’ continuous analysis and strategizing. We can coach their reflection and reflexion. We can advise how to adjust their strategies to changing contextual situations and new challenges. We can also support their daily strategic and management tasks and conflict management.


Targeted organizations:Micro, small medium and large organizations in the private and public sector
Participants:senior management, midlevel managers
Suggested venue:company premises
Language:english or hungarian
Ár:according to specific price offer