Organizational Change Management Training

The objective of the program is to introduce participants to change management, enable them to devise change strategies and select appropriate instruments for their organizations.


An organization can strive even in a dynamically changing environment effectively reacting to external changes and exploiting opening opprotunities, if the leaders and managers know how to enhance the adaptive capacity of the organization and how to guide and manage change processes. Our aim is to enable participants to develop a systemic understanding of organizational adaptation and change processes, to capture how strategy, communication and stakeholder engagement can manage fears, expectations and conflicts and strengthen the collective capacity to effective change. We also show how to develop a systemic approach to enable the organization for ongoing adaptation and to more considerable changes and transformations.

This training offers more than our other product, the presentation called ‘Introduction to Change Managemet’, (link) because:

  • it gives a deeper insight into the procedures and implications of change processes and the possibilities of their effective management,
  • it uses experience based methodology,
  • it offers reflection on participants’ own assumptions, approaches and practices,
  • it shows new approaches and techniques to manage fears, expectations and conflicts of stakeholders, and to lead and engage them in effective adaptive and change processes,
  • it developes participants’ personal skills and competences in leading organizational change processes.

During the training, participants reflect on their own experiences with change, on challenges that change processes engender and learn state-of-the-art approaches to change management. They have the opportunity to reflect on their own context and discuss startegies and instruments that could be applied in their own organizations to manage fear, tensions, conflicts and to learn how they can plan and build acceptance for the new technical and administrative systems and solutions. We not only offer cognitive knowledge on change management instruments but we also develop participants’ competences in their planning and application.

By the end of the program, participants:

  • will have understood the challenges in designing and implementing organizational change processes
  • will have gained approaches and instruments to lead and manage change and the resulting burden on stakeholders
  • will have developed a better understanding about their previous practices and will be able to reflect on how to improve them
  • will have had a broad idea about the specific challenges regarding effective change management in their own organizational contexts, and how to strengthen the adaptive capcity of their organizations
  • will have developed their personal competencies for change leadership
  • will have been able to decide whether they need professional support in planning and implementing change processes.


Targeted organizations:Micro, small medium and large organizations in the private and public sector
Time:3 days
Participants:different levels of management or stakeholders from various units and from different levels of the organization.
Suggested venue:external venue
Language:english or hungarian
Ár:according to specific price offer