Learning AI – a process for improving organizations

If the management decided to initiate an AI process, it would contribute to the efficiency of the project to establish a group of supporters within the organization. They can then facilitate the acceptance of the whole philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry. Such a supporting team can be established by an at least 2-3 day, or ideally 2-3 +2-day training.


The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach makes it possible for the organization to have its members discoverthose positive values, resources and opportunities as a community, that  proved successful for the organization, and then to rely on these practices in a creative way. This approach differs from the traditional „find the problem and fix it” approach so much, that it is inevitable that the members of the organization have personal experience about it in order to understand the process and to get committed to it. The whole procedure is greatly facilitated if there is an internal core of members within the organization, who understand the approach and who can activelysupport the planning and preparation of the change process.

On the one hand, the program provides guidance for the participants into the process that will be implemented in the organization. Personal experience helps the leaders and managers make well-established decisions in the future. On the other hand, participants achieve practice in techniques that are beyond the traditional risk analysis and management methods. AI is an approach that improves organizational culture, and for a long-term effect the presence of an active supporting core is very much instrumental.


By the end of the program participants

  • will have understood the essence of the AI process
  • will have had personal experience about the way positive energy is created by the application of the methodology
  • will have got acquainted with the techniques to achieve these aims
  • will have become competent in initiating and maintaining the process
  • and, as a positive side effect, their self-knowledge and their knowledge of their own organization will have substantially improved.


Targeted organizations:Micro, small medium and large organizations in the private and public sector
Time:minimum 3 days, ideally 2-3 + 1-2 days
Participants:managers and staff from different organizational units/departments and different levels of the organization. the more diverse the composition of the group is, the better the process.
Suggested venue:external venue
Language:english or hungarian
Ár:according to specific price offer