Planning Inception Trainings and Activities

We offer an experience-base introduction to the instruments and planning of Inception Trainings.


If a company determines to offer Inception Trainings for new entrants, it needs to develop competences within the organization for the design and implementation, and it has to initiate a dialogue among organizational units to determine the content of the program. In an ideal case, representatives from the HR, Compliance and other key organizational units discuss the content together. For effective work, contributing representatives need to understand the purpose, method and potential impacts of Incpetion Trainings. The best way to achieve this is to offer a short training for all contributors where they can collect experiences with the different instruments applied during Inception Trainings. When contributing representatives already understand and feel the potential impacts, they can determine what to include into the content from their own domain and engage in constructive dialogues about the process and schedule of such an Inception Training. During the second part of the training, participants with our facilitation start working in groups, elaborating on details of training components with those staff members who will be implementing the Inception Trainings.

By the end of the training participants:

  • will have achieved competences in the design of Inception Trainings (a method also applicable for the design of other trainings)
  • will have known the key elements of Inception Trainings and will have had experiences of their impacts on participants
  • will have had a shared idea what they want to achieve and a shared plan for the training
  • will have become members of a cooperative team that will later be able to modify and adjust the content when necessary.


Time:60 minutes
Suggested venue:external venue
Ár:We offer this presentation free of charge as a first step to build a working relation