Presentation on Ethical Influence

The presentation provides an overall view of the psychological underpinnings of indirect influence. It also provides illustrations of those communicational solutions, that are usually successful, and highlights those traps that may lead to a boomerang effect by creating the impression of manipulation.


Influence is the most fundamental aspect of social interaction; and without it the life and functioning of an organization is unimaginable. Successful application of influence tactics and strategies is indispensable for efficient leadership and organizational functioning. At the same time, the traditional command and control approach to influence has proved to be of low efficiency in the business or other organizations of our time. Therefore, during the recent decades more and more sophisticated influence tactics have come into practice, with a common characteristic of relying  on human psychology they apply to more indirect solutions. However, there is only a narrow gap between indirect influence and outright manipulation, and this is dangerous for ethics, integrity and efficiency alike. A move of indirect influence that seems like manipulation may cause serious damage for the organization. Thus, it is a delicate issue requiring professional skills to find the narrow path between ethical behaviour and efficient influence.



Targeted organizations:Micro, small medium and large organizations in the private and public sector
Time:90 minutes
Participants:senior management, hr managers
Suggested venue:company premises or external venue
Language:english or hungarian
Price:according to specific price offer