Support for the Code of Ethics

We offer professional support for the elaboration of a Code of Ethics for the specific needs of the organization or for the effective evaluation, review and up-dating of the existing one.


The role of the Code of Ethics is to define the core values and norms of the organization, and to raise wide awareness and engagement along them. In order to fulfill these roles it is imperative that the content of the Code is relevant to the specific organizational contexts and challenges, and staff members understand and accept the principles, learn how to apply them and assume that others will also comply. Good text is only part of this power. The more meaningful part of the strengths of the Code is dependent on the process of drafting, introduction and enforcement. This is why we do not suggest borrowing the text from external sources or to employ lawyers or other external professionals to draft a Code of Ethics for the company. We suggest involving internal stakeholders with intricate knowledge of the formal and informal values and operation of the company, and to create an internal dialogue about the text.  Any involvement (direct or indirect) enhances the probability of acceptance and commitment.

We offer support for designing and implementing such an internal dialogue and drafting process from which not only a good text but employee awareness, engagement and commitment can also evolve.


Targeted organizations:Micro, small medium and large organizations in the private and public sector
Time:subject of negotiation
Participants:senior management, hr managers and staff, compliance manager and staff
Suggested venue:company premises
Language:english or hungarian
Ár:according to specific price offer