We help to find ways to enhance effectiveness and assure efficient operation


We build competences to improve effectiveness of operation and emotional engagement of staff


We support organizational and cultural development and change processes


Our personal resources

Ms. Pallai has 30 years of experience in the field of consulting and in the education of leaders in 15 countries. She has served diverse clients facing complex challenges and gained experience in a wide variety of teaching and consulting approaches and methods. During the last decade, Ms. Pallai has focused on integrity based organizational development and competence building of leaders and integrity professionals. Strengths: Leadership education, advising and educating ethics and integrity management, leading multi-stakeholder negotiation, planning and work processes, design and facilitation of learning processes.

Mr. Siklaki is a psychologist who has 30 years of experience in education (ELTE, Corvinus), and 25 years in market research and organization development. 10 years in coaching and training coaches, and competence building in communication, persuasion and storytelling. Strengths: humble/subtle leading and influencing group processes and communication.

Our Client is also our resource

We consider clients, partners, their staff and the participants of our trainings active and creative co-creators. We create space and dialogue where knowledge and experience can be shared and contextually adequate solutions can emerge and expand the potentials of the organization.


We do not use clichés. Instead, we have a humble consulting approach: we listen to our clients and we support the organization in exploring and realizing its potentials. We create and hold space for dialogue and for the  sharing of knowledge and experience.  We facilitate co-creative work processes from which contextually adequate solutions can emerge that exploit and enhance the resources and potentials of the organization. Systemic approach, creative dialogue, integrative leadership, appreciative inquiry, agile processes and adaptive change management are the cornerstones of our approach. We support the organization:
  • in exploring its strengths, drivers, potentials and risks in order to achieve sustainable results
  • in engaging in a systemic approach to face complex challenges
  • in building an organizational culture that supports compliance and leads to the best results
  • in recruiting and retaining the best and most talented work force
  • in strengthening emotional engagement, motivation and potential of leaders and personal