Leadership Advice and Development

It is a challenge to build an organization that operates effectively, and adheres and retains quality workforce. Clear objectives, effective management systems, structures and rules are essential to coordinate the operation of such an organization. At the same time, challenges regarding the leadership go beyond these professional and technical ones. Leaders, who strive for top performance, need to create a healthy organizational culture and climate, as well: an environment where people feel safe and engaged and can exploit their personal and collective potential. Shared values, respect, trust and commitment lend real power and energy to the organization.
Organizational integrity means that shared values and organizational culture support the control and compliance systems as well as the accomplishment of the organizational objectives. The alignment of organizational goals and rules, on the one hand, and ethics and organizational culture, on the other hand, assures good performance and sustainable operation.
In leadership development, our focus is on creating a healthy environment. We support leaders who want to create healthy, ethical organizations and develop their own leadership skills and competences. We show the way to complement hard tools of management with softer tools that aim to create shared values, trust and commitment, a culture that supports goal attainment and compliance, engenders engagement and gives energy and dynamism to the organization.