Organizational Development

In order to maintain the effectiveness and resilience of an organization we need to continuously analyize failures and manage risks. At the same time, the simple correction of weaknesses rarely lead to creative, new solutions. However, if we change our approach and starting pont, and we initiate our reflection starting from the strength of the organization, the process can shift the mindset of stakeholders from problems to potentials, and engender tremendous positive energies. When we can turn the focus of stakeholders on experiences that they can be proud of, their commitment and engagement strengthens. When we underpin our analysis with such a positive attitude, we can gain new insights into the problems and risks as well, and our attention naturally shifts towards solutions.

Based on the Apperciative Inquiry approach and methodology we offer an approach to organizational development that is focused on the stregths and potentials of the organization. We facilitate a process of participatory inquiry with organizational stakeholders that explores the positive components, resources and potentials, that is, the positive core of the organization. From the discovery of the new, positive core ideas, resources and shared strategies can emerge that can lead to stronger performance and more success.