Organizational storytelling is one of the most successful new methods in organizational development and in improving effective leadership. The program introduces participants to the technique and art of storytelling and assists them to develop their own portfolio of stories.


Organizational aims can be achieved most efficiently by the use of organizational story telling. The most basic way of human thinking is narrative, therefore analytical and logical thinking rely on this narrative basis heavily. In order to influence the organizational culture essentially, as well as the behaviour of the members of the organization, we have to build on personal experiences. Personal experiences can be reached in the narrative mode of human thinking, i.e. through storytelling. Whether our aim is to build organizational coherence, to improve commitment of members, to facilitate change, to transfer organizational culture to new members, or to defend the organization from rumours, the most effective approach is a well selected and created story. The program introduces the technique and art of storytelling and assists the participants to develop their own portfolio of stories.


During the program participants:

  • understand the way stories influence organizational behaviour, the importance of episodic thinking and memory
  • get acquainted with the basic technique of storytelling, the most important story types of leadership
  • are guided into the communication techniques that facilitate the creation, gathering and dissemination of effective stories
  • get feedback on the effects of their stories
  • start to build their story portfolio


Targeted organizations:Micro, small medium and large organizations in the private and public sector
Time:1 day
Participants:senior management, midlevel managers
Suggested venue:external venue
Language:english or hungarian
Ár:according to specific price offer